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Maybe it would just be easier to list who is NOT part of the so-called Deep State

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Maybe it would just be easier to list who is NOT part of the so-called Deep State




Enemies, corporations, shadowy people, former allies... who isn't a member of the "Deep State" conspiracy theory? Maybe conspiracy theorists should just ask who is NOT a part of this nebulous conspiracy, it would just be easier, right?


We’ve found it easier to ask “who’s NOT ‘deep state?”.  Shorter list.

Those not part of the Deep State is a shorter list than those that are, it seems.

At this point the shorter list would be everyone who is not part of the Deep State.  The MAGAts have added virtually all of Washington, including the military, to the list.  Maybe, just maybe, there's no Deep State, just the United States Government?

Barr is deep state now? Could you tell me who isnt in the deep state? Seems like that's a shorter list

You just have to laugh...He should provide a list of those people who are NOT part of the deep state. The list would be shorter & someone on the list stepped out of line, you could just cross them off the list. EVentually the entire world except IMPOTUS will be on it

It would be shorter to make a list of who’s not deep state: Chump, Magats

maybe someone should ask RG and Faux who's NOT part of the deep state...list might be shorter?

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