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Pregnancy is an act of God or God's will but NOT erectile dysfunction

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Why is that?

What is up with that?

IN state Rep. Bartlett (D) introduces an amendment to the anti-abortion bill to outlaw erectile dysfunction drugs: "We're forcing young girls to be mothers, but not forcing the men to be fathers ... If an unwanted pregnancy is an act of God, then impotency must be an act of God."

Since a woman's pregnancy is a gift  from or the will of God, is impotence a punishment or also the will of God?
Should erectile meds be banned?

We should ban viagra. If they think pregnancy is the will of God, then so does erectile dysfunctions.

If pregnancy is the will of "god," isn't erectile dysfunction the same?

Right? If as one “lawmaker” said a rape pregnancy is the will of God then so is erectile dysfunction therefore no more boner pills

And if God protects them from Covid, why do they need guns for protection? If pregnancy is the will of God, why use a pill for ED? They don’t make sense, because they don’t have any.


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