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Confederate statues as the ultimate participation trophy

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Irony: A lot of the same people who love Confederate statues hate participation trophies.





This is actually true. Confederate statues are the ultimate participation trophy.





The same generation who mocks participation trophies profusely defends Confederate statues, the Ultimate participation trophy





Confederate general statues are the ultimate example of losers getting a participation trophy.





How can people complain about millennials and "participation trophies" while crying about the confederate flag...the ultimate "participation trophy" and "participation statues"





Conservatives like to attack  millennials as the everybody gets a trophy generation but aren't all of these Confederate statues the ultimate participation trophy?





a woman in Phoenix, Arizona, has decided to take the next logical step and turn the Confederate monument in her hometown into a giant participation trophy.


Rebecca Olsen McHood, who clearly has some arts and crafts skills, told The Phoenix New Times that it was President Donald Trump’s latest remarks that prompted her to create the banner.


“I was just so outraged by Trump’s press conference. I thought, I have to do something.”


In addition to the “2nd place” and “Participant” banner, McHood added a ribbon at the top which states “You lost, get over it.”




Mirrored at the Nerve Center as "participation trophy".


Categories: Across time, Class disparities, Double standards, Hypocrisy, Selective outrage, Serious consequences, Trying to have it both ways

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