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And it was never said who 'they' was

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Jenelle Berry-Cook sat silently near the back of the room, hyperaware that she was one of only a few Black people in a crowded church assembly space. Up in front was a white Plano school board member, leading a group of parents through a training session on how to spot and fight “critical race theory.”

For more than an hour on that July night, trustee Cody Weaver lectured on the subject that has thrust public schools into the center of a culture war. He offered tips for challenging lessons and instructed parents to look for keywords in their children’s schoolwork. “Equity” and “narrative,” he told them, should pique their interest.

“They make the word whatever they want it to be,” Weaver said.

Berry-Cook had to push back.

“Who is ‘they?’” she shouted toward the stage.

Immediately, the crowd turned on her.

“We’re not here to listen to you,” a man a few rows ahead yelled. “Shut the f--- up.”



Mirrored at the Nerve Center as "They".


Categories: Class disparities, Double standards, Hypocrisy, Selective outrage, Serious consequences, Trying to have it both ways

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