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In America, slave owners can be commemorated but a George Floyd statue can’t stand in peace

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OPINION: After a George Floyd statue is defaced in New York City, writer Touré asks: “Hasn’t George suffered enough?”

It hurts my heart to see the statue of George Floyd in New York City be defaced. Hasn’t George suffered enough? Yet even now in death some white people can’t respect him. I’m used to it — we’ve seen videos of people defacing Black Lives Matter signs and bullet holes in a sign memorizing Emmett Till.


America is filled with statues commemorating people who were slave owners, which wasn’t a crime back then but it is now and it was always a moral crime but let’s focus on George Floyd. Floyd is not being memorialized because of his life, which was surely checkered and damaged by drug addiction. He committed a terrible crime and paid with his freedom. Instead, Floyd is memorialized for his death where he was not afforded the dignity we would give to a mongrel dog.


If Dylan Roof can be arrested with dignity after mass murder but you think George Floyd doesn’t deserve respect in his last moments, maybe you should just say Black Lives don’t Matter because we can see you thinking it.




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Categories: Across time, Class disparities, Double standards, Hypocrisy, NOT, Selective outrage, Serious consequences

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