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What didn't make this list of banned words

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For years, we had to hear about the grave threat to free speech—and a free society itself—posed by students on college campuses who had become Shock Troops in the Woke Wars. They were using the threat of pitchfork-mob cancellation to terrify conservative professors, fellow students, and visiting speakers away from speaking hard truths we all need to hear, like whatever kernels of wisdom Milo Yiannopoulos—remember that guy?—or Ben Shapiro had to offer the students of Berkeley. Never mind that these events were often stunts, ruses to create opportunities for meta-commentary about The Intolerant Left rather than an actual attempt at a dialogue on the purported issue at hand, and that these renegade free thinkers can, like anyone else, be found wielding social opprobrium to crush speech they do not like. Other people who used their speech to tell you your speech sucks became part of the authoritarian vanguard, hell-bent on SILENCING! you and forcing you to put your preferred pronouns in your email signature. This was, in its totality, a matter of grave national concern.

Even discussing the prospect that Black people might have a bumpier ride in America is a grave horror, it seems. The only solution, in the free state of Wisconsin, is for the government to ban such discussions in public schools. Just like in catechism class, the mark of a strong argument is refusing to have one at all. Helpfully, the State Journal provides the full list of words that, according to Republican Chuck Wichgers of Muskego, the government intends to prohibit:

    Critical Race Theory (CRT)
    Action Civics
    Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
    Culturally responsive teaching
    Abolitionist teaching
    Affinity groups
    Anti-bias training
    Obtuse meritocracy
    Centering or de-centering
    Collective guilt
    Conscious and unconscious bias
    Critical ethnic studies
    Critical pedagogy
    Critical self-awareness
    Critical self-reflection
    Cultural appropriation/misappropriation
    Cultural awareness
    Cultural competence
    Cultural proficiency
    Cultural relevance
    Cultural responsiveness
    Culturally responsive practices
    De-centering whiteness
    Deconstruct knowledges
    Diversity focused
    Diversity training
    Dominant discourses
    Educational justice
    Examine “systems"
    Free radical therapy
    Free radical self/collective care
    Identity deconstruction
    Implicit/Explicit bias
    Inclusivity education
    Institutional bias
    Institutional oppression
    Internalized racial superiority
    Internalized racism
    Internalized white supremacy
    Interrupting racism
    Intersectional identities
    Intersectional studies
    Land acknowledgment
    Marginalized identities
    Marginalized/Minoritized/Under-represented communities
    Oppressor vs. oppressed
    Protect vulnerable identities
    Race essentialism
    Racial healing
    Racialized identity
    Racial justice
    Racial prejudice
    Racial sensitivity training
    Racial supremacy
    Reflective exercises
    Representation and inclusion
    Restorative justice
    Restorative practices
    Social justice
    Spirit murdering
    Structural bias
    Structural inequity
    Structural racism
    Systemic bias
    Systemic oppression
    Systemic racism
    Systems of power and oppression
    Unconscious bias
    White fragility
    White privilege
    White social capital
    White supremacy



One question:

Why aren't things like "I'm not racist, but..." or "replacement" on this list?


Mirrored at the Nerve Center as "Great Replacement".


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