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Selective outrage

Page history last edited by CK 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Anger about some things, but not others... often when they are quite similar.


Is it just women who can be 'overeducated'


Where is Barack HUSSEIN Obama (If that's his real name)'s REAL actual verified birth certificate


Funny or weird how LibsOfTikTok does NOT share these




DNA determines your gender but does NOT exonerate someone


For some reason, Greene has never said the same thing about male politicians


Maybe it would just be easier to list who is NOT part of the so-called Deep State


What makes the IRGC a terrorist organization but not the FSB


No right to health is not a concept in a country with the "world's greatest healthcare"




Shield protocol vs when the Shield protocol is NOT used


But NOT protecting the innocence of intersex children


NOT mature enough for an abortion, but mature enough to bear a child


What kind of society is it where human life, period, is NOT protected


Samuel Alito mocks foreign leaders but cites a foreign jurist who believed in witchcraft




Pregnancy is an act of God or God's will but NOT erectile dysfunction


That does NOT count as an abortion


There's always adoption, but not adoption by gay people


You can notice that you do not see anyone saying 'Radical Russian'


Calling news you do not like "fake news"




Confederate statues as the ultimate participation trophy


Record Profits in the Time of Inflation


Remembering or Forgetting History: CRT vs Confederate Statues


And it was never said who 'they' was


Billionaires Cause Inflation




What decides what is or is NOT 'disgusting'


But yet they can afford guns


"Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims" line


In America, slave owners can be commemorated but a George Floyd statue can’t stand in peace


George Soros as Emmanuel Goldstein




What didn't make this list of banned words


Ever notice men like Dylann Roof or Nikolas Cruz are not called animals or thugs


6 weeks for abortion, but not for child support


Cancel Culture vs Firing people for being gay


Banning abortions because of down syndrome vs refusing organ transplants because of down syndrome



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